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ISSN:2394-3661 | Crossref DOI | SJIF: 5.138 | PIF: 3.854

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Online and Print Journal)

Title: The balancedness of N -complexes based on cotorsion pairs

( Volume 7 Issue 2,February 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Pinger Zhang


N-complex; cotorsion pair; relative cohomology group; balancedness MSC(2010): 81E10; 18G25; 18G35


Letbe a abelian ctegory, and (A,B) be a complete hereditary cotorsion pair on. We define relative cohomology groups based on (A,B) in the category of N-compl-

exes on. Especially we are devoted to consider the balance- dness of the relative cohomology functors.


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