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ISSN:2394-3661 | Crossref DOI | SJIF: 5.138 | PIF: 3.854

International Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Online and Print Journal)

Volume 2 Issue 3 (March2015)

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Title : Study of Large Geomagnetic Storms (GMSs) and Space Weather Impacts

Authors : Dr. Rahul Shrivastava and Dr. Subhas Chand Dubey

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Abstract : Aim of this statistical is to define the various characteristics of large geomagnetic storms (GMSs) associated with Dst decreases of more than 100 nT, observed during solar cycle 23. Out of the selected 90 large GMSs, 51 are sudden commencement type and rest 39 is gradual commencement type Long-term and storm time variation as well as seasonal and solar cycle dependence of above mentioned GMSs have been analysed. The study of solar cycle 23 is remarkable for occurrence of large GMSs during its declining phase. Various types of geomagnetic disturbances and their possible solar and interplanetary causes are explained in this work that provides a better aspect to understand the space-weather phenomenon. Several solar-terrestrial inter-connection mechanism and new results have been discussed in the present study. The severe GMSs have also been discussed that are very harmful to us, and they affect our communication system, power system.

Title : High Impedance Fault Detection in Electrical Power Feeder by Wavelet and GNN

Authors : Majid Jamil, Rajveer Singh and S. K. Sharma

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Abstract : The distribution feeder faults need to be detected and isolated in a reliable and accurate manner, for maintaining the efficient and reliable operation of distribution electrical power systems. A number of techniques are available for detecting and classifying the fault. However, the results are not satisfactory in case of high impedance fault (HIF) occurs on distribution feeder due to very low value of fault current. Keeping in view of aforesaid situation, a new approach based on generalized neural network (GNN) and wavelet transform is presented here for HIF detection. Wavelet transform is used to obtained the information from the measured faulty current in terms of standard deviation of wavelet coefficients. The obtained features are then used as an input to the GNN model for the detection of HIF on a given distribution feeder. The values obtained from GNN algorithm are compared with ANN and well established mathematical models and are found more accurate. All the calculations are done in Simulink/MATLAB.

Title : Investigation of the use of High Pressure Water for Spun-Like Textured Yarn Manufacturing

Authors : Wickramasinghe G.L.D., Foster P.W.

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Abstract : The objective of this research work was to investigate the use of water in order to replace air in the production of spun-like textured yarn. An existing air-jet texturing machine was modified to supply either air or water to the texturing nozzle. A new texturing-jet was designed and developed to produce spun-like textured yarn using water. The texturing jet was further improved by incorporating capillary effect to suck air with water into the texturing zone to improve turbulence in the jet. The results show that water can be used to manufacture spun-like textured yarns.

Title : Detection of SQL Injection and XSS Vulnerability in Web Application

Authors : Priti Singh, Kirthika Thevar, Pooja Shetty, Bushra Shaikh

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Abstract : The increasing dependence on web applications has made them a natural target for attackers. Among these attacks SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIA) and Cross-Site Scripting attacks are the most prevalent. Our SQL Injection detection method is based on the design of a detection tool for the HTTP request send by clients or users and look for attack signatures. The proposed filter is generic in the sense that it can be used with any web application. Finally we test our proposed security mechanism using the vulnerability scanner developed by us as well as other well-known scanners. Our approach for Cross-Site Scripting detection method describes the possibilities to filter JavaScript in Web applications in server side protection. Server side solution effectively protects against information leakage from the user’s environment. Cross-Site scripting attacks are easy to execute, but difficult to detect and prevent.[1]

Title : Design of Reverse Converter Using Parallel Prefix Adders and CRT

Authors : J.Brindha Devi, G. Rohinipriya

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Abstract : The efficient design of Residue Number System (RNS) reverse converter based on Parallel Prefix Adder and Chinese Remainder Theorem is analyzed. In nowadays system, to achieve high speed reverse converter by the use of parallel prefix adder. And also the parallel prefix based adder components is used to solve the high power consumption problem and provide better tradeoff between power consumption and delay. The parallel prefix adder structure can implement by interconnecting only small number of different modules.

Title : Band gap of graphene nanoribbons calculated using Huckel molecular orbital theory

Authors : Peiyun Ni

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Abstract : In this paper, a new model based on Huckel molecular orbital theory is developed and used to calculate the band gap of graphene nanoribbons, which are stripes of etched graphene. Band gaps of graphene nanoribbons with different edge structures and widths are calculated to reveal physical properties. The proposed model well captures the band gap characteristics of graphene nanoribbons without intensive calculations. The understanding of the band gap properties of grapheme nanoribbons allows for various electronic and photonic applications.

Title : Evaluation of River Health and Water Quantity at the Anseong River, Changwon City, Korea

Authors : Man Kyu Huh

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Abstract : The paper aims to analyse the degree of river naturality according to the river morphology and the flora at raparian regions on the Anseong River during four seasons. Number of flexion was one at upper and low regions. That of middle region was absent. Bed materials were boulders and gravel in upper region and sand, silt, and clay in middle and low regions. Material of river shore at low channel width was the state of nature without protecting materials at upper region, but that was concreted impervious. Those of middle and upper regions were many artificial levees. The flora on the Anseong River was a total of 61 taxa, including 25 families, 54 species, and 7 varieties. The oxygen demand parameters COD, and BOD were within unacceptable levels at middle and low regions. Many cement blocks were creating instead river grasslands by the Direct stream Rivers Project and wide road construction. This artificial action reduced the waters natural filtration action.

Title : Monitoring Civil Structures with a Smart Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : Snehal S. Somwanshi, Balaji G. Gawalwad

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Abstract : A wireless sensor network was developed for structural health monitoring to effectively detect, locate, and assess damage produced by severe loading events and by progressive environmental deterioration. Structural response reflects the structural condition as well as the excitation force. Structural health monitoring (SHM) is an active area of research devoted to systems that can autonomously and proactively assess the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, and aerospace vehicles. Recent technological advances promise the eventual ability to cover a large civil structure with low-cost wireless sensors that can continuously monitor a building’s structural health. The idea struck into mind that a SHM system should be implemented so that it can monitor structure (two story building) using different surface mounting sensors, these systems can collect various parameters of the structure. The rapid development of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology provides us a novel approach to real-time data acquisition, transmission and processing.This study introduces different approaches of SHM to monitor and measure the acceleration, strain, humidity and temperature of the building.

Title : Optimization of Flame Hardening Process Parameters Using L9 Orthogonal Array of Taguchi Approach

Authors : S. Jeyaraj, K.P.Arulshri, K. P. Harshavardhan, P.S.Sivasakthivel

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Abstract : Flame hardening is a surface heat treatment process with the application of hot flames obtained from an oxy acetylene gas mixture. About 3000ºC temperature level of gas flame is exposed to work piece material, and bring it out into red hot stage or recrystallization temperature and suddenly quenched by water immediately. Due to these drastic micro structural changes, leads the increase of surface micro hardness. It is mainly influenced by surface temperature, stand-off distance and quenching time. This research article aims with studying the influences of process parameters of flame hardening process by the robust design method. The medium carbon steel specimens were hardened by flame hardening process by adjusting the process parameters. The primary process parameters such as surface temperature of specimen, stand-off distance (SOD) and quenching time were the primary process parameters were investigated experimentally by Taguchi`s approach. L9 orthogonal array was implemented for design of experimental trials based on parameters and its levels. Micro-hardness values of specimens were examined using Vickers micro-hardness tester with the payload of 100g. Optimization model has been developed for micro hardness on the basis of experimental results. The effects of process parameters were analysed by S/N ratio and ranked by order. The optimal parameters were obtained from the S/N ratio analysis has been authorized by confirmatory tests. It was found the greater micro hardness value 801 HV was obtained by the optimal parameters given by taguchi optimization. Such approach is economic one, reduction of experimental trails which will be very suitable for the heat treatment industries.

Title : Detection of Sickle Cell Anemia in Red Blood Cell: A Review

Authors : Menika Sahu, Amit Kumar Biswas, K. Uma

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Abstract : Blood is a connective tissue in which Red blood cells function to transport oxygen and it is normally in disk shape. The inherited disorder of blood includes hemoglobinopathies which are major public health problem in India. Sickle cell disease refers to a group of genetic disorders characterized by presence of sickle hemoglobin, anemia, acute and chronic tissue injury to blockage of blood flow by abnormally shaped red cell. Sickle cell disease is Sickle cell anemia. It is a disorder in which the body makes sickle-shaped red blood cells. “Sickle-shaped means the red blood cells are crescent shaped. Sickle cell anemia is also a serious disorder problem in chhattisgarh state. It is highly prevalent among scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other back-word class. In Chhattisgarh the highest percentage of sickle cell diseases found in Sahu, Mahar, Gond, Devangan, Kurmi and Halba etc. This paper proposed a method to recognize the sickle shaped red blood cells present in the blood smear by using fractal dimension. Fractal Dimension is used to recognize the shape of the red blood cells and segmentation the sickle shaped red blood cells for shape analysis to find the percentage of sickle cell anemia. Results exhibit the future aspect of the technique, which overcome traditional shape recognition and analysis methods found in various literatures.

Title : A Study on Retrieval of Information through Social Sites

Authors : Ashish Shah, Dr. A. S. Khandelwal

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Abstract : Online social networking sites have become one of the greatest social technological advancement of the 21st century. However, most users of such Social Networking Sites are unaware of the privacy issues related to their profile. By placing personal information on the site, users make themselves available to online traders for selling of their personal information to third parties and in some instances, websites owning everything, an individuals places on their profile page or friends page, including photos. The problem is intensified because of the fact that communicating online via social networking sites has become not only popular but fashionable and also a necessity for the youth in order to maintain their online social connection among friends. Because of this, young people are especially at risk of exposing themselves when sites are joined without any thought as to what may happen to personal information, photos and video. This paper looks to privacy issues of online social networking sites from around the world such as Myspace, Facebook as social site.

Title : Workplace Collaboration Using Remote Desktop

Authors : Divyashree Salian, Swati Savaji, Payal Shetty, Ujwala Ravale

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Abstract : WORKPLACE COLLABORATION USING REMOTE DESKTOP refers to a software or Operating System feature that allows a PCs desktop environment (client) to be run remotely by another system (server). It is a set of platform for the project leaders and administrator to monitor the activities performed by their team in real time (live) and sends messages to keep constant interaction with the programmers. We aim to provide multiple features through a single platform. It helps to maintain the attendance record in an organization, provides a feature of monitoring all the live activities performed by the employee in real time and block the users from doing any inappropriate or unofficial task during their work hours and to provide communication between the employee within an organization through video chatting and text chatting features along with the file transfer activity as well .This facilitates the user to concentrate more on the project and less on the managing of these tasks. In particular, showing live actions on the Administrators desktop of a remote employee has great instructional value that must not be overlooked. Similarly, an employee can demonstrate skills and report about the status of the project from time to time that would otherwise need a physical presence in a meeting, rather than a virtual one.

Title : A Study on Friends Model of a Computer Worm Defense System

Authors : Rashid Husain, Mansir Abubakar

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Abstract : This paper addresses the problem of computer worms in the modern Internet. A worm is a self-propagating computer program that is being increasingly and widely used to attack the Internet. This research paper develops a friend model of a computer worm and discusses in length the aspects involved in defending the Internet against a worm. Of primary interest are models that can automatically respond to a worm outbreak. It discusses the results of real time experiments conducted on the campus gateway for the Trend Center effort and the results of simulations of the mitigation models. It concludes that worms are dangerous to the Internet but there are ways and means to mitigate their ill-effects.

Title : Multiobjective Non-Differentiable Fractional Symmetric Mixed Duality using p-F convexity

Authors : Gayatri Devi, Rashmita Jena

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Abstract : Mixed symmetric dual models far nondifferentiable multiobjective fractional programmeing problem are introduced. Weak and strong duality theorems are established far these models under generalized convexity. Several special cases are also obtained.

Title : A Multi-Substance Add-in for the Analyses of Thermo-fluid Systems using Microsoft Excel

Authors : Mohamed M. El-Awad

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Abstract : Analyses of thermo-fluid systems require the thermo-physical properties of the working fluids to be repetitively determined at different conditions of pressure and or temperature. However, relevant computer applications may not be available to many engineering students and practicing engineers particularly in developing countries. This paper presents an add-in that determines these properties for various fluids by using Microsoft Excel. Developed with Microsoft VBA, the add-in provides property functions for ideal gases, saturated and superheated water, saturated and superheated refrigerants for vapour-compression (VC) systems, binary solutions of ammonia-water and water-lithium bromide for vapour-absorption (VA) refrigeration systems, reacting mixtures, and atmospheric air. With its comprehensive library of functions, the add-in enables Microsoft Excel to be used as a modelling platform for conducting parametric and optimisation analyses of advanced power generation and refrigeration cycles, air-conditioning systems, and combustion processes. The present paper highlights the general features of the add-in before focussing on the set of functions that deal with the analyses of VC and VA refrigeration cycles. For the analyses of VC systems, the add-in currently supports ten synthetic and natural refrigerants (R12, R22, R32, R123, R134a, R152a, R717, R290, R600, R600a). The paper verifies the add-in functions for VC analyses by comparing its results with those obtained from relevant published research that used the well recognised REFPROP software. Similarly, the paper verifies the add-in functions for both ammonia-water and water-lithium bromide VA systems. The results obtained for both VC and VA cycles show that the add-in gives reasonably accurate estimations.

Title : Homotopy Analysis to Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD Flow of a Viscous Fluid over a Moving Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Viscous Dissipation

Authors : V.Mallipriya, Hymavathi T

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Abstract : The present paper deals with the MHD boundary layer flow over a linearly moving porous semi infinite vertical plate taking suction and viscous dissipation into account. The fluid considered is viscous, incompressible and electrically conducting. After transferring the governing equations into ordinary differential equations using suitable dimensionless variables, analytical solutions are generated using homotopy analysis method (HAM). The effects of various parameters on dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are presented in the form of graphs and tables. HAM results are in good agreement with the results available in the literature.

Title : On Control of Data Flows in Heterogeneous Enterprise Systems

Authors : Dusan Pavliak, Robert Vrabel

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Abstract : The efficient data integration and the control of data flows leading to formation of coherent integrated database has become a complex problem. The information of the enterprise include the functions from processing of offers, orders via computer design and from production to production management. Finally, the processed data are archived.

Title : The effect of height in vaulted tunnels on the stability parameters

Authors : Hassan Ahmadi٫ Vahid Hosseinitoudeshki, Seyyed Amir Hossein Beheshti

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Abstract : This paper presents the effect of height of vaulted tunnels on the stability parameters such as surface settlement, displacement and yielded elements around tunnels. This effect has been investigated in tunnels with different upper arches. Numerical analysis is done by a 2D finite element program with software Phase2, whereby vaulted tunnels are modeled with different upper arches and with widths of 4, 6, 8 and 10 meters and the heights of 3, 5 and 7 meters. The results of the evaluations show that by decreasing the height of tunnels, the stability parameters have improved for all the radius of tunnel arch. Furthermore, variations of the surface settlement, displacement and yielded elements around tunnels has reduced when width of tunnel become larger from radius of tunnel arch.

Title : Green Manufacturing: Case Study using AHP and Grey Relation

Authors : Abhishek Kumar Singh, Shubhanshu Shekhar Shukla, Jaideep Dutta

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Abstract : Green manufacturing is cooperative manufacturing based on various hierarchy resources. It’s important to get the optimum Cooperative enterprise scheme by analyzing, arranging and evaluating the manufacturing capabilities of Industries for Green manufacturing. The paper analyzes correlation between five industries in the context of green manufacturing, with the help of relation matrix which is based on grey relation theory and AHP method. The paper analyses the environmental actions according to Green product design, Green design of raw material, Green process, Green Technology, Green packaging Material and Green Packaging design.

Title : A Comprehensive Review of Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Authors : Juned Shaikh, Prabodhkumar Khamparia

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Abstract : Power quality is a major concern at the present time. Become important, especially with the introduction of advanced performance devices that are extremely sensitive to the quality of food. Power quality problem is the event that takes place before a non-standard voltage, current, or frequency, leading to end-use hardware failure. One of the main issues addressed here is sagging power. To resolve this issue, one must use custom power devices. One of these devices is the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), a modern custom power device used in the most efficient power distribution networks. Call has a lower cost, smaller size, rapid dynamic response and disorder. This paper examines a review of the DVR technology and the various applications that have been proposed in the literature.

Title : Comparative Study of Different Modes for Reducing Leakage and Dynamic Power through Layout Implementation

Authors : Smt. Sarita Chauhan, Anand Kumar Gupta, Falak Jahan, Rajesh Biyaniya, Surbhi Pathak

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Abstract : Leakage power has become a serious concern in nanometer CMOS technologies and is a very important issue in hardware and software design. The leakage power increases as technology is scaled down. However, with the continuous trend of technology scaling, it is becoming a main contributor to power consumption. In the past, the dynamic power has dominated the total power dissipation of CMOS devices. In advanced integrated circuits, more power is consumed. In the past many methods had been proposed for leakage power reduction like forced stack, sleepy stack, sleepy keeper, dual sleep approach etc. using techniques like transistor sizing, multi-Vth, dual-Vth, stacking transistors etc. In this paper, new methods have been proposed for that. The proposed methods will be compared with the previous existing leakage reduction techniques. This paper includes a new technique called dual stack for reducing leakage and dynamic power and comparison of this technique with old techniques.